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Blasphemies - or, "National Honors Society" «06.15.09»

[NHS] is the cornerstone of Britain. It is the beating, human heart of this country.

The American right is correct. It is socialist. Nothing could be more socialist. It suits Marx's moral maxim perfectly: from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. In this case, the ability is the ability to pay, and the need is the need of care. It is not, in actual fact, the state or the government which is responsible for the NHS. It is us. We pay for it. We use it. The state is merely a prism through which the money and the care must pass. The NHS is us taking care of each other.

We live in a mixed economy. We aim to have enough free market to control the state, and provide the things we want. But we also need enough socialism to ensure we do not live like savages, the weakest amongst us starving to death on the street while a rich woman buys a Gucci handbag. Socialism without capitalism turns to tyranny. Capitalism without socialism turns to barbarism.

The sooner Americans realise the truth of a mixed economy, the better their world will become. In the meantime, their right-wing pundits should learn from the NHS, not mock it. source

Invaders from Perseus - or, "FML" «06.10.09»

There exists a half-imagined Space Fence which broadcasts the disparate pops, pings, boops and hisses which comprise the atmospheric traffic over the continental United States.

While we're at it, Bashiok let slip a bit of news on the glacial development of the Diablo II 1.13 patch.

Skill tree re-specialization is currently a planned feature for the Diablo II 1.13 patch, yes.
[ed] The patch sticky thread in this forum has been updated with the latest information on the patch developments.

I hope they have more to offer than this, because as it stands the quest for re-specialization accounts for a not-insignificant amount of the activity on the realms. Unless the penalty for a respec turns out to be truly arduous, and is attached to significant new gameplay, then its introduction might even contribute to stagnation of the in-game economy and decaying user retention. We'll see once it hits the test realms.
I also saw an accurate comic today.

Wozzeck - or, "Langsam" «06.06.09»

It has been quite some time since I have posted to this, and it seems that the website itself has been re-located to a domain under the noble umbrella of the SDF Public Unix Access System. I have acquired no small amount of gopherspace in the move, and I encourage you to support the ol' gal at gopher://sdf.lonestar.org/~users/alconox

I am going to be updating Projects with a rundown of the new server that has been built, and the games it supports. Maybe I will post some of my writings from school and some other miscellany...I don't know quite why, though. I suppose to mirror them. Half the time typing into this goddamn thing feels like writing a letter to a mirror.

Correspondence - or, "AIM Steady" «02.03.08»

Ulrika 15 points 1 hour ago
The probability of all the cables accidentally being cut within days of each other is infinitesimal. Given the US threats of war against Iran and the relationship of these cables to Iran, speculation that this was a tactical move against Iran is logical. Less logical but possible is that the destruction of the cables could be the action of Iran or even a third agent.
If isolating Iran were the goal, it obviously failed. However, what if that was never the goal? What if the downtime on the cables is for another purpose -- perhaps to cover the installation of eavesdropping infrastructure? Someone is clearly up to something.

ngroot 3 points 39 minutes ago
A communications disruption could mean only one thing: invasion.

ninja_zombie 8 points 25 minutes ago
Absolutely. Iranian defenses would be impervious to our assault if the internet were available:

Paranoia - or, "HR1955" «01.31.08»

[Grimnir9] i don't think it's that big of a deal?
[Lazarus] congratulations everybody
[Oscillate] Thrown in jail for loving my country, great.
[Lazarus] you are all terrorists!
[reformer] they wouldn't actually do that would they?
[Orlando] Well, if that FEMA internment camp thing ever happens, guess who are the first people going? Not #huckabee.