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About This Website

This is a website, yes, and it was written in HTML and CSS, no funny business. I used a wonderful piece of software called TextPad, you should try it if you're ever similarly engaged. It is being hosted by the wonderful folks at SDF; may the sun never set on their hallowed cause.

The image scowling in the general direction of this text is a caricature by the noted artist Hans Boehler. It depicts a conductor directing a characteristic "icy stare" at an unfortunate latecomer to a performance under his direction. This particular conductor should be recognizable from the excellent likeness. There is no deep-seated reason for his position on this website, but I enjoy his disappointed consideration, and he can help you if you ever need to return to the index of this website. Just click his tensioned form and return you shall.

This website is currently maintained using my personal computer, with the help of the utilities available on SDF. All content was freely taken and is freely offered.

I am going to opt out of concocting a facebook-style laundry list of every possible thing I have an affecation for. If you are that interested in me, or find issue with anything on this site, finger 'alconox' on SDF (PROFILES), or shoot me a message. Anyway, thanks for visiting, I hope it was pleasant.